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Child Care Resource & Referral

To begin the process of finding a childcare provider and community resources to meet your family’s unique needs select the best option:

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Florida voters understand that what children learn today shapes their tomorrow and that the tomorrows of our children affect us all. That's why they approved a 2002 ballot initiative for the state to fund a high-quality voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) for every 4-year-old in Florida. Florida's FREE VPK program will give every child the chance to fulfill their potential and achieve their tomorrow.

School Readiness

The School Readiness program offers quality early learning experiences to young children with the goal of preparing them for later school success. Because we envision a Northwest Florida where all children receive world class early education and care thereby being fully prepared to learn upon entering kindergarten, we work to ensure that all participating providers offer quality programs that meet or exceed the requirements of law. School Readiness providers offer programs that include:

Do You Have Concerns About Your Child?

You know the feeling. You have had it before. Something isn't quite right but you can't seem to pinpoint what the problem is. We understand. We believe no one knows your child better than you and that's why we offer early intervention services and support to families. Because a healthy child is better able to reach their full potential- we are here to help.

Hearing Screening Services

Family Links & Resources

Parent & Community Resources
Resources for each county in our service area. Please let us know if you are in need of additional resources in your area. ELC can provide guidance regarding the content of this list and availability of resources included.
Parent & Community Resources Pages

Raising a family is not easy; there can be a lot of questions. Here are some resources you can use to find answers, get additional information or just learn something new.

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